We are a community of creative, strong individuals who are trying their best to make conferences the best they can be! Our community members are working on many different projects and we want to show them to you!

Volunteers involved: Sören J. Dreesen

The Eden Project is a cooperative puzzle game. You and your partner wake up from cryosleep on an adrift spaceship and the clock is ticking. Can you work together to solve the mysteries of what happened on board or will you and your friends find a grave in the unforgiving void of space?

Volunteers involved: Hannah Kümmel, Marius Mühleck, Paul Redetzky

Mind Twist Memo is a memory game with a twist! Every time you reveal a pair of cards they swap places. You only collect pairs when they’re adjacent to each other. You need to remember where the cards are and swap them to the correct positions. Try to clear the entire board and get combos to save time and moves!

Volunteers involved: Ramon Huiskamp

WarpThrough is a fast and challenging platformer with arcade-inspired gameplay, unique combat, and a short story full of charming characters. Get into the flow and balance beating up monsters with warping through portals. How many dimensions can you survive?

Volunteers involved: Luke Piazza

Woosh. You throw your paper airplane into the sky and watch as it soars gracefully toward a flagpole in the distance. Oh no! A gust of wind blows your paper airplane to the ground. You pick it up and decide to try again. You throw your plane and watch as this time, it reaches the flagpole. The crowd goes wild and the judge’s score goes up. The next course is now open. You pick up your paper airplane and continue to the next challenge.

Volunteers involved: Nicolas Burgos

Öga is a survival horror and action VR game, where the player defends his life inside a haunted house, from the attack of cultists and beasts that emerge from the depths of a forest at night. During the day, the player collects materials around the house to create weapons and other items that allow him to defend.

Volunteers involved: Stefan Schmidt

The Indie Game Fest is a curated, annual event in Cologne with the goal to connect indie studios in Germany and Europe. We want to create more visibility and attention for your creative and innovative products.

Volunteers involved: Adinda Van Oosten

A Creates provides weekly tutorials and information about game development on Youtube for game maker enthusiasts. The channel started during the Corona lockdown and provides viewers with easy to follow step by step tutorials for GameMaker Studio 2 and will tackle different engines in the future. The video ‘How to use tilesets as a pro’ is a clear example of the tutorial style of the Channel and explains how to use the lesser-known powerful tools in GameMaker Studio 2.

This is a shared booth organized by Linus Gärtig.

If you have any questions please contact Linus#3063 (Discord) or linus.gaertig@gmail.com (e-mail).

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